Let’s Rebut


“Sana may mahulog sa mga fourth years,”

This line speaks much about the unexplainable hatred that bubbled from the juniors. Last October 22, 2010 is the cheerdance competition. And it’s a live show and once it’s a live show, anything, be it good or bad, may happen with a snap.

It’s the juniors turn to perform. Truth-be-told, we don’t hate the juniors, as a matter of fact, we are afraid of them because we know their choreography is good, their stunts were good, there’s no ands, ifs and buts there if I were to phrase it.

At the beginning it was really going well, they were burning up the dance floor. We were just there watching them with scared faces and nervous eyes. When I realized that my squad is somehow being dazzled already by the juniors, I called their attention and lead them outside of the gym to start praying the traditional competition prayer which is the Apostle’s Creed.

Suddenly, the music of the juniors stopped. We were shocked, because we thought they’re already done dancing and we haven’t yet finished the first part of the prayer. But it was then we realized that their music stopped unexpectedly. They were shocked, we were startled and everybody is asking what happened.

Somebody from the music booth said that their CD jammed. So Fr. James, the principal told them to perform again, and again, we continued to pray. But then again, their music stopped again. And nobody knows why?

But here’s the real issue. *and I will not hide my anger anymore* we, the champions don’t know what we did so that the losers schmucks will hate us. I have heard them saying that; we were praying that their music will jam! What the fuck with the third years!

God knows what we were praying and it’s against our conscience to pray something like that! We will never do anything like that! We are not that evil like them! We are just charming angels praying to God to give us guidance while we dance. We are not as demonic as them! God bless their souls.

Another issue is, they said we don’t deserve to win. Weeeeehhhhhh? Really? Why’d you say so? Are you one of the judges?
One of the judges is my classmate’s sister, or cousin. She said that, we are the REAL winners. Grandslam! We did not win because the ugly and ear-splitting music of the juniors jammed while performing! We won because, WE DESERVE TO WIN! Bear in mind that we have followed strictly the guidelines and criteria.

Another is, they are saying that, our cheerdance is not a cheerdance, I’s a speech choir and we are not on the theme. Let me ask you this one, simple. Comprehensible question that even a grade-schooler can answer: what’s the theme for this year’s cheerdance competition?

Yes! That’s right! WE DON’T FOLLOW THEMES FOR CHEERDANCE! Idiots! You have already seen our routine, you have heard our creative, booty-pumping, crystal-clear cheermix, so what else can we show you as a surprise?

With that, we have come up with a very skin-crawling, crowd-pleasing, and attention-dragging entrance. And for your own butts’ sake! It’s just an ENTRANCE! Why do you even care if that’s our entrance? Why? Because we have a casket? Because we used for? Because we have used a chant that gave you the impression that we were praying but the truth is we were just counting using Chinese language? KILL YOURSELVES!

Well anyway, we can never change what has been done! We have already won! WE ARE THE REAL CHAMPIONS! Just accept it! And we are very sorry, because walang nahulog sa mga fourth years! KAYO ANG NAHULOG!

15 thoughts on “Let’s Rebut

  1. please, only one person has wished and said that.
    most of the juniors don't think the same as what that person has thought and said.
    you deserved to win. and congratulations.

    peace between us, champions.

  2. wala na kayong magawa..kami na ang nanalo..kasalanan b namin kng nasira cd nyo..pati please lang hah juniors, kung magdaan kami sainyo wag nyong itaas-taas yang mga kilay nyo..lumalaki yang mga mata nyo..tusukin k tlaga yan.. WE DESERVE TO WIN!!!AMEN!!

  3. @j(junior) hey! wala kang karapatan na insultuhin si juseph. maxado kng bixador. so what if ganun man xa, atleat MULTI_talented at nagpapakatotoo. kesa senio na lahat ay dinadaan sa competion. INTRA MURALS lng yun. di ba pwdeng enjoyin?? duh?! bakit ganyan kayo, kay natalo lng, ang dami ng sinasabi. keh ganito, keh kasi 4th year sila. e ano ngayon? accept it. dibale next year wla na ang mga senior ngayon. ocge lamunin nio ang trophy ng mga chanpions. tignan nio lng,ma-experince nio rin yan pagseniors na kayo.

    @R(junior.) para lng yan sa mga affected! affected ka?


  4. nako, kumalma nga kayong lahat.. sus. tapos na rin naman yan eh. baka mag kagulo pa mga 3rd and 4th year, so please, shut nlng mga tao.. pag wala nang sasabihing maayos, sana wag naa mag gawa ng kung ano pa man.. sa gumawa ng page na to., relax mamen.. wag ka masyadong maiiinit.. di mo nlng sana gineneralize ang third years.. isang tao lng naman yun diba?? so realx.. wag sa mga third year ibuhos, dun sa taong nagsabi.. oke oke?? realx lng po lahat ng tao, pati ang mga nagcomment dito… cuidaoooo..

    — CLARETIANOOO.. peace on earth.. pabor..

  5. required talaga ganyan?? wag din masyado harsh. wag din sana ginawang as one yung comments sa juniors.kung isa lng ang nagsabi.yun na lng sana.. di din sinisisi ng juniors ang pagkasira ng cd nila sa seniors. peace na lng sana. sana di to makaapekto sa relationship ng 3rd and 4th years.. sana, leave it nlng sana. sa pagtatapos ng sembreak sana tapos na rin tong alitan na to. your hurting others narin. na wala namang kasalanan at walang masamang sinabi sa inyo. and for the comments, ingat din sana sa pagsasalita..

    — ee:) — peace mahmen :>

  6. ouch nman…..iisang tao lng dpat ang sisihin bkit lhat ng juniors????peace n lng sana s lhat..after sna ng sembreak sana mging ok na uli…wlan ng alitan o anu p man…..

    ingat s lhat!!!:) en peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. woah! wag nmn po sana idamay yung mga “INOSENTE” i think “JUNIORS” isn't a ryt word 2 put der,kung pwd mging specific mas ok un kesa nman madaming nddamay ,dba? kung d alam kung cno un nagsbi wag dn naman MANISI. kc pag JUNIORS ibig sbhin lahat ng 3rd year yun e,syempre khit wlang ngawa dun,inosente, d tlga maiiwsan n mggalit o kya nman maaapektuhan dto. sana bfore using d word, inisip nyo dn po sana yung iba. pro kung yan tlga point of view mo edi wala kmeng mgagawa. ikw yan e, hnd kme. hindi ba? basta next tym be spcfic n ha? :)thanks for shring ur emotion ,atleast nlamn nmin na un pla nsa loob mo.
    ihope d nmn sana mauwi to awayan. friends prin ha? yung ayaw, ok lng 🙂

    <3 JUNIOR

  8. I wrote this article three years ago. During that year, I wasn't aware yet of the rules in engaging audience and people in your write-ups. Yes! I generalize this article too much. But, at some point, I know I shouldn't feel guilty because looking back that year at that exact point, that's really my sentiment. It could've gone worst if I blurted it out in person. I never, and never will I, regret writing this article even if the entire body of juniors that year read this. I understand the comments above are the counter arguments, but to me, that time, were nothing. They are nothing to me even up to now. Being a writer, I know I'll gain haters and supporters and at a certain line in between, I know my job is to inform and write. If I pleased anyone by writing this. well and good. If I offended anyone, I'm sorry but I do, and will, stand with my article above no matter what. 🙂

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