The Last Intrams and Family Day


It really saddens me a lot to think that the clock is ticking faster than I could’ve ever imagined it would. I’m a senior now, and I want to make the most out of it, yet, time seems really wants to play with me. I don’t want to think about things like, this is the last, and we’ll never have this time again next year, because it just wants to make me cry. But what can I do if it really is the last? So I want to write. Write about my last intrams and family day at Claret School of Zamboanga City.

This year’s intramurals at Claret is the most unforgettable one – all things considered. I don’t know but everything seems so perfect. Well it started when we were practicing our cheerdance. It’s like every senior wants to be in to it but sad to say not all can be a part of it. There are qualifications in choosing the dancers. We chose those who are good, can follow the moves and has the power to dance. Well, it guilt me at the end but we’ve got to have the best if we wanna win.

So there we have it. We have chosen, I daresay, the best from our year. So after that, we’ve started practicing. By that time, by the way, I have already finished remixing our songs and I have already created the steps. So at first everything is going well. Until one afternoon.

On the afternoon we have decided to practice at our school’s quadrangle. We were confident that we can practice there for Ma’am Goldy – our teacher in-charge – allowed us already. We were already doing the routine when suddenly we have to stop because the Student’s Moderator caught us. She asked why we are practicing without a letter. We said that we don’t have but Ma’am Goldy already allowed us. But she insisted that we really should have letters. Then she said something about respect her office, then something about respect the office of the principal, then something like safety then something that goes like we’re so going to be dead tomorrow.

Tomorrow came, and we were already waiting for her verdict. That afternoon, all of us were called to the student’s moderator’s office. She, again, said something about letters, respect and safety. Then, she something about she will not allow us anymore to be given letters to practice because of what happened. Simply put, she will disqualify us from joining the cheerdance.

We already pled then so that she’ll allow us to compete again. We did everything – asked for forgiveness, compromised to follow the rules, to give us another chance, etc.. all she said is that she’ll have to talk to the fourth-year advisers first.

When we got out of the office, all of us were like cryingokay not all of us. Almost all of us, including me. We were really crying because we can’t accept such travesty. It’s our final year and we can’t compete!? We won’t let that happen.

So our practice was cancelled for a week. We were just there asking each other if when’s the practice again. And as the cheerleader, all I can say is “sorry guys, I really don’t know?”

For one week, it’s as if we were already losing our hopes. Yes! We already practiced but the routine is not yet completed. It really worries us because the other years are already starting to practice, and from what we can see, they are really serious about it. Somewhere deep down of me is shaking. My faith is shaking. But we can’t lose hope now. We can’t back down. We must win this fight, this one, big, final fight.

The following week, our practices resumed. Everybody was happy, but at the same time, saddened because Julian, one of our members, can’t dance with us anymore. His asthma attacked him. We can’t force him to dance with us so we let him go. But he said he’ll help on our makeup.

Life must go on for us. There are lots of steps to be practiced and stunts to be perfected. After every class, we are meeting at the gym to practice. Our practice is what you call closed-rehearsals. Only the seniors and our advisers can see in our practice. We are determined then to beat all the year levels and show to our moderator that even thought she had suspended our rehearsals; we can still fight and win.

Intrams came and the cheerdance competition is still four days away. Still, during our free time, or if the others don’t have a game to play, we meet and practice. That has been our routine for almost 3 weeks. And every time we practice, we are really practicing….. and enjoying.

There are times that we can be harsh to each other, that’s unavoidable. It’s part of practice isn’t? But we really see to it that we have to go back to the same page so that we can win this thing. And believe me that always happen.

During practices, I will never forget the laughter we shared, the sweat we poured, the shouting, the energy wasted and the members of the squad. I’m really happy with the squad this year. These people are perfect. I know all of us want to make a legacy, and I know for a fact that that motivated each of us to fight this one big fight.

October 22, 2010 is a date to be remembered and is a very remarkable day for all of us.

We have decided to come to school before 6 am because we have to put on our makeup and get ready for the competition that day. And we still have to practice our entrance. So that morning, everybody was crammed inside the room. Shouting questions here, shouting answers there, asking for brushes there, and asking for make-up here. Everybody was hysterical. We are excited yes, but nervous at the same time because today we’ll be facing our rivalries and adversaries on the dance floor. Only one dance and we’ll know who’s gonna win this year.

Nobody knows what our entrance is, it’s a surprise. When ½ of the student body has been in the gym, we were still there outside. Lingering and waiting for final instructions. When I already gave the final instructions, heart-thumping, we entered the gym – scared faced. We found our seats and settled in.

The competition started and we were amazed by how good their performance is. We were again on the verged of losing hope. But it’s up to me to renew that. So when the juniors were there, performing, we got outside again and prayed the Apostle’s Creed for three times.

While performing, winning was at the least of what’s on my mind. What’s on my mind that time is to just dance and enjoy this moment of insanity on the dance floor. Enjoy my final shot as cheerleader, enjoy and express my soul. If winning is the prize here, then I would gladly sacrifice it just to enjoy this moment. Surprisingly, the squad, together with me, is as the same page. Just enjoy this moment.

When the winners were announced, no words can express how much is our happiness. Everything went blank. My mind is floating. We won! We won the fight that we thought have loose. We won this one big fight! And there’s no taking it back! We won! We won! Thank God almighty, we won!

We still can’t get over it, even it’s already days after we’ve won the cherdance competition, the tail-end of the happiness still lingers in the air, extending until October 24, 2010.

This year’s family day, is something that I will never forget as I move on. It’s the second time that I had attended the family day. And it’s the first time my mom attended it too. But I didn’t spend much time with my mom. She’s with my brother, I was with my friends. It’s really hard to miss a thing especially if it’s your final year because all you want to do is make the most out of it.

We have done so many things that day, we talked, we ate, and we watched videos we have created and videos on YouTube. We laughed, we danced and sing. So many things that we have done for the first and final time in our life at Claret. We know that we can never experience this again next year. So we have done what must be done to make the most out of it. *tears.

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