An Introvert’s Death Note

An Introvert’s Death Note

I write this down today,

as I watch my hopes fade away;

along with the hot & cold February air,

along with the drum’s melancholic snare.

The world will see me no more,

the moment the last sand falls;

the world will hear of me no more,

on Facebook, Twitter and phone calls.

I now draft my last farewell to my family and friends,

I now draft my will before time, at twilight, draws to and end.

I shall name the stark of my demise,

I shall make him pay for my mother’s cries.

I will haunt him down in my Father’s time,

only then the morning star will, again, shine.

I will leave with a cold and heavy heart,

in veils of black and lips apart.

The song I sing is of mourning’s tone,

all written down in this final death note.