Catching Feelings






How do we know that we love that person, and how do we know we are not making a wrong choice? Should love be based on principles and right decisions and not purely on emotions? Those are the central questions where Catching Feelings is based upon.

These are personal accounts of the author’s experiences in life, highlighting the sensitive and emotional experiences in love. Those experiences that made us dance in the rain to hide the tears in our eyes, the intoxicating feelings we get while dancing with a stranger, the lonely feeling we get when we wake up alone after the wild rage last night, and how ridiculous we feel about it.

This is a collection of written expressions that explore compelling themes of falling in and out of love, coming undone, intense emotions, semitoxic relationships, frustrations, happiness, being young and needing confirmation for everything, wishful thinking, and in some cases, the unthinkable downfall. But most of all, this book is about love that was fragile and tentative.


For the past twenty two years, that’s what I have been writing about. I wrote about the successes I’ve had and how it became my truth and self-definition. I wrote about how I felt when I started to feel love and how it brought me to places I’ve never been to before. I think that you have to know yourself and define love basing on that knowledge to take on the journey and make it worthwhile. But I also wrote about how crashing it is to fall out of love, to lose the definition you gave it and lose the other person you’ve grown fond of. Never knowing that it can be the best experience because you will also find yourself in the process and somehow that was everything.

It’s thrilling and exciting when I wrote about moving in to a loud and bright city in the country. I think that you have to be ambitious and brave enough to take on a bigger city and its blaring truths. I wrote about the most naked thoughts of my mind and how unbecoming I can be sometimes. When you’re a young adult, experiences are what we want to earn and I’ve sort of described how maddening and haywire one single experience can be.

I think … I think that the world is a big cloud of wild emotions. It’s a kaleidoscope of pulsating beats and noises with silent screams and wildest dreams and it’s full of wonder and made up realities mixed all together. It’s a big cloud of smoke that blurs your vision and you just get lost in the moment. You try to clear your vision but you are just going around in circles and nothing is making sense. And in that moment, you grasp a sense of what’s going on but you are breathless and slowly you are losing consciousness. But as soon as the dust settles in and you start getting a clearer picture of what it really is, you realize that you are just there…standing at square one.



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