Important Milestone

To my Readers,

How have you all been?

The monsoons just started here in the Central part of the country. The streets are rallied with colorful umbrellas under the dark grey skies. Gone are the pastel colors and light linen clothes of the Summer, hello to the dark and thick pullovers of the Rains.

I really don’t like the rains and how it wet the pavements. It just causes hassles and brings melancholy with it. Although it’s true that it’s nice to cuddle whenever the night’s all wet and cold, but I don’t find it inviting at the least.

But the torrents of water from the skies also bring something positive. It brings more inspirations when you’re alone in your room, a hot chocolate or coffee near by with nothing but you and your laptop to spend the solitude. This brings me to a very important update for me and my blog as a whole.

I am very happy to announce that I will be publishing my very first book later this year. On twitter, I’ve started posting updates about it. Below are some of it.

To keep everything a surprise, I will not update my blog every so often as I did before. I bet you have noticed how inactive I am lately. This is to keep the articles ready for the actual publication.

I know that some of you are some of my silent readers and I really appreciate it. I hope that with the publication of this book, you will still support and and appreciate and relate to to my written works.

I can’t wait for it to be published and I hope you are as well.



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