We Could Have Been The Greatest Team That The World Has Ever Seen

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Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats.

I have never given much thought about the positive side of being away from you. I’ve always thought that I would be lost, I would end up being completely friendless and would not find anything great in the silence of my solitude. But the more I think about it now, I’ve realized that being away from you has brought me more opportunities to explore this great big world, to give my twenty-two year old self some time to experience life from the other side. And what surprises me is…I don’t even feel alone.

As I reflect with what happened between the two of us; how one moment you are there and then the next second you’re not, how your priorities changed and I was left hanging, how when the lights were red but you decided to hit the gas pedal and went from zero to hundred miles per hour, how my indifference became my only weapon, and how I ended up deciding to stay away, I’ve reconciled with the idea that no one is meant to stay for long. I’ve come to realize that I am going to lose people I’ve come to love as frequently as I am going to gain them.

To be honest, we could have been a great team. We were more than capable of defying gravity. We shine more than the sun and stars in the heavens, we could be heroes and legends, and we are originals more than a fourteen carat gold. But things didn’t worked out that way for us. We chose the mundane and cliché roads. But that’s okay.

What’s sad is that we seem fine with the growing distance, with the absence of one another. We seem to be fighting but fighting to stay away and to act like the careless. We continue to exist on the same plane but never on the same time over space. That has become the physics of us.

But in a way I am glad. Like I said, with this new phase, I am able to take on the world, I am able to see things clearly, read things clearly. I could not wish anything more than happiness for the both of us. Our priorities have already changed, we revolved around different spheres now. But I cling to the hope that one day, the cosmos will lead us back together. I pray that the universe will conspire for the both of us.



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