Struggles of Living and Working In Your Twenties


The weather was rather gloomy and the cemented pavements were already drenched wet after the early morning rain. I wish I could tell that the sad feelings and melancholic thoughts were just spurred by the cold February morning. But in our deepest reverie, we know it’s not because of that. We know that it’s because of something else, something more, something heavy, something inevitable.


She’s been working hard for the money to spend on shopping and nyx for a few years now. Her life is nothing extravagant but far from her province girl life before. Not the life she imagined, but not that she imagined one previously. She’s the kind that would go with the flow; one who’ll jump head-first when an opportunity knocks but would jitter after.

She’s twenty-five.

Whenever I think of Nova, I am reminded of how girls behave and how haywire their thinking can be. Subsequently, they would make their mind…after how many years. Almost always, at the expense of something important but one that would not cost her her life or someone else’s. Just her purse, and closet, and credit card.

Such is the reality of Nova Cage.

She works at a publishing company and everything is well. She wakes up at 6 and gets ready for work. At work, she would pick up the phone and assist authors to have their books published. At times, her keyboard becomes the soul witness of her rage. The keys suffer the consequence of Nova at pissed mode.

At the end of the day, she leaves everything bottled up with class. Whatever happens in the office, stays in the office. Or so I think.

The process repeats itself the next day.

But at twenty five, life is already rushing her. Reality is something we thought we already knew. But reality is something more, something complex, something critical. And Nova has to decide. Decide and make a move. Decide and make a move and fast. Life is running after her.


“Claim something, and the universe will conspire for you to achieve it,” is a line from one the books of Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho is one of Joseph’s favorite authors. Brida is his favorite book.

Straight out of college and the jungle that is the university, he set forth for the vast sea, 233.3 nautical miles away from his hometown in search for himself, for his place in this world, for something to spice up his already boring life. But the decision to leave was plainly because he thirsts for something to change the routine of his everyday roundabouts. Everyday, nine months ago, he would wake up needing not wanting to make something new, meet someone new, be in somewhere new.

Joseph is twenty one.

He is in a city where two worlds collide to create a new story to share, where bookstores are a source of joy, and coffee shops to spend the afternoon during weekends. These are things that he grew up with not knowing. He is new to these. Yet, for some reasons, he knows that he’s ready to embrace these and the close familiarity of them with wide-eye optimism

Such is the reality of Joseph.

He started working at a publishing company and started to earn for a living. He was overwhelmed at how things differ from before. College is different from the real world. But he is ready to take on the challenge. Or so he thinks.

Life is still easy on Joseph, but he can feel that time is running out. He needs to make a decision and a decision that he will really mean this time. Not a half-hearted decision, not a half-meant decision. He needs to make a critical one to save himself from his own emotions that are caving in on him; eating his rationality.


The night after work, both were consumed of “I’min the state of life wherein…” thoughts.

Nova: I’m in the state of my life wherein it doesn’t have a sense of direction.

Joseph: I’m in the state of my life wherein I don’t know what deserves a yes and what deserves a no.

Nova: I’m in the state of my life wherein I don’t know what’s good or bad.

Joseph: I’m in the state of my life wherein I’m not so sure anymore about this, about my decision nine months ago.

Such are the realities of both. Two roads that intertwined, two plots written in one book, two souls owning the moment, two puzzle decks with missing pieces. Between keeping their employment afloat and sustaining their guilty pleasures, they find themselves struggling to survive. No one knows what will happen next. Perhaps, living in the now would solve the mysteries of tomorrow. But tomorrow is as murky as the mud. They can only pin their hopes into the idea that there’s got to be more to life.

Both need to make a decision now. Before life and time runs out. Before everything is too late.



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