Two Pronged: Afraid To Lose My Religion


Earlier this week I got engaged in a conversation with one of my best friends and it was absolutely the same kind of haywire and under-the-sun sort of conversation like before. Only, this time, we touched one area that concerns our maturity and the new world we are moving in right now.

Let me be clear on one fact that never goes old: no one can get away from peer pressure.

When I was in college, I was surprised to see that majority of my classmates are into this partying up north and raves and sun-down beach parties. Of course, I have nothing against it, after all, it’s their lives we are talking about and it’s really none of my business. But it really intrigues me because I just can’t seem to rationalize why people would go out and party and get drunk and have sex and skip class the next day.

At the back of my mind, one theory pops out and it’s always the theory I have when it comes to social activities such as this. 21st century youths living in third world countries like the Philippines have been overly exposed to West Side things. We’ve seen these a lot on TV series we are so engrossed with and we just can’t seem to wait to experience it ourselves thinking that kids who go to such activities are cool and sossy.

So last week, me and one of my best friends were talking about how to spice up her relationship with her boyfriend. Of course, like I always do, I advised her of possible recreational activities which, by the way, doesn’t include making out on her parents’ or even her boyfriend’s parents’ couch.

But it made me wondered how come all my friends are now in such a state? Some of my friends got married, had a child, focusing all their energies to making their relationships strong. What am I missing?

Then I asked her: I wonder when I will have a lovelife again?

Then she gave me advises on what to do; from start thinking out of the box to go out and party.

Perhaps that’s what I am missing. I don’t have a social life. Real social life, not the kind of life in social media.

But you see, that’s where the problem is. I don’t like partying. And I know that this is because of the fact that I was raised from a religious family and was educated for twelve years on a catholic school. I belong to the group of people who have forever accepted that partying and drinking and sex are mortal sins and I must live an unadulterated life.

I always reminded of a story in the bible where the people, after making the great Exodus, partied while Moses was on the mountain. They made a golden calf and treated it as their god.

But are those rational and plausible reasons to begin with? Will I be able to justify myself using those arguments when peer pressure is just around the corner?

I do drink, yes. But only occasionally. I don’t drink to the point wherein I would end up in someone’s bed…naked. I don’t smoke. I admit to having sexual desires but it never goes beyond the normal level of desire.

If you’re feeling the same way, or if you’re much confused than I am, or if you’ve finally succumbed to the pressure, are you just wondering because you’re curious? Aren’t you afraid to lose your religion? If you start partying, having sex, are you a sinner or what?


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