Society and its Blaring Falsehoods

Despite the throbbing in my temple, I still get to comprehend social issues that are becoming more grave as the days progress.
I just read a news that British PM, David Cameron, demands that all Muslim women wearing hijabs and other religion-related garments must learn to speak English or face deportation.

This issue is just too much. For one, it’s a form of racial discrimination which is a disease that the Western Imperial World created long ago. Those people need to get their bearings together. And contentiously, we are fighting for equality on many levels and all forms but it seems that we are unconsciously being dragged back to the days when we condemn women of witchcraft, kill boys for being queer, and disown children for being born out of wedlock or because they are deformed thinking that they are abomination of some sort.

I am reminded of an answer in one of the Miss Universe Pageants, one that was held in Sao Paulo (Brazil). The answer reads:

First of all I would explain to people that the premiere quality of human being is respect. And more war is not based on respect. It’s always based on misunderstanding, it’s always based on a lack of education. So I would tell this person that we should respect each other as human beings.

-Priscila Machado

This is precisely why I believe that America and the rest of the Western Imperial World are not the best nations because they seek for greater knowledge and they want to understand the complexities that veils the existence of human beings and the universe but on the process, they forget to understand the basics of life.

Unfortunately, we are already influenced by the West. We are now cronies of their new world order. We have become so engrossed with whatever West that even our understanding of the simplest of life’s blocks were already redefined.

And sadly, we are falling more and more. And I fear that it is now hard to come back to basics.


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