A Year in Screaming Colors


Every year, when the clock strikes 11:59:59 PM, we always go back to the amazing journey of the about-to-be previous years and all the sidesteps and detours and road-trips we took along the way that took us to this moment of our lives. And we unconsciously ask ourselves:

Are we happy with what we have accomplished, so far?

And the answer would always hit us home. Subjective as it may be, but we always find it in us to say yes, because no matter how the plan turned out, we know we’ve enjoyed the roller coaster ride, that moment of breathless delight, that lightning strike, that whiplash and whirlwind. And no matter what came along, we know those moments have made our previous year worthwhile and somehow that was everything.

My 2015 was all but photographic scenery of things I’ve accomplished, things I looked forward to, things I never knew I could have, things I’ve always imagined, moments of joy and sadness. More importantly, it’s a panoramic view of change after change.

On March 2015, I took my first fearless step of flying to the big city of Manila and took on what was a very memorable weekend. Later than month, I’ve accepted a new course in my life as I throw my graduation cap on the air along with hundreds of graduates like me.

collage 3

On April of 2015, not knowing that my days in my beloved city of Zamboanga are about to temporarily end, I’ve spent more time taking in the beauty of the relationship I’ve found and nurtured with my friends. I’ve got the time to spend it more with them. I’ve somehow found myself again after losing it in the previous months I’ve been engulfed with so much pre-graduation and school works.

On May of 2015, I found myself facing one of the daunting challenges I’ve faced: my first job interview. Using all knowledge I’ve gained, I was able to pass but the real challenge is not passing the interview. It’s keeping that job and doing good.

On June 2015, I started living a life so far from what I grew up to. I have a new city to take in, new environment to enjoy, new life to nurture and begin with, relationship to build, and a job to maintain.

collage 1Leaving home for this was one of the hardest things to do. I remember crying the night before my departure because I was suddenly engulfed by guilt of leaving my mother and brothers. My dad, who is working abroad, left few days ago to go back to work after 2 months of vacation. And I was thinking that I am being selfish for also leaving.

It ended up to me asking for forgiveness from my mom. But she said it’s okay. She knew that this time would come and there is nothing left to do but face it head-on.


December 2015, first Christmas away from home. First new year as well. But if you ask me if I am lonely and sad, I would say no. Because I also have the other half of my family here in Cebu. But it makes me wish that I have all here with me. But as the saying goes, we can’t have the best of both worlds.

But you know what? This whole adult-thing situation makes me hope for the best. It makes me look forward to another year full of happiness and hope. Nothing lasts forever. Perhaps, we have to experience the ups and the downs of life for us to be strong and for us to realize that life is nothing but a roller coaster ride. Up. Down. We just have to enjoy the ride.

If you ask me now, if I am happy with what I have accomplished in 2015? I would say, yes. It’s not what I planned for, but the ride was worth it. And somehow, that was everything.

Happy new year!



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