I’ve Accomplished More Than What I Think I Did!


Newsflash: we are down to the last four days of 2015! We are about to go full circle, we have spent 361 days surviving every curves, laughing all the hurt away, singing the loneliness, taking a leap of faith, we’ve championed our fears, took our piece of “I-belong” moment on the internet whenever something goes viral and many other things that made 2015 different from the year before.

2015 for me was a life-changing. I graduated last March. Two months after, I have experienced the whirlwind of  joy for being hired on what would be my first official job as an adult. Experienced what real sepanx (separation anxiety) is. Coming home after 6 months of being away from home and spent Christmas (and New Year) away from family and friends back home.

But 2015 was also a year when I have made so many discoveries by travelling back and forth in time. It was a year when I’ve had my heart crushed countless times, a year when I met a lot of people and got the chance to experience their lives that thought my life’s lessons which I could not learn by just talking with people over Facebook and Twitter. All these are true by just reading books!

2015 is the year when I’ve finally made myself a full-pledge bibliophile. I’ve started collecting, non-stop, books. The pile just gets bigger and taller each month. My reading list gets longer and longer. So what I did here is to compile some of the books I’ve bought this year.


 1. A  Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

IMG_20150415_065235I’ve bought the first two books when I went to Manila last March. It was such a hit on TV I thought I really have to read the books before the new season starts. I got the third book, A Storm of Swords, as a gift from my grandmother when I graduated and I just bought the fourth (A Feast for Crows) and fifth book (A Dance with Dragons). I am anticipating to read everything before the new season starts this April and the release of book six, Winds of Winter.

2. Adultery by Paulo Coelho

11540947_394324977444610_1185867304288053613_nLove is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right. Yes, Taylor Swift got that right. Adultery for me is a self-help type of book that everyone who is in a relationship should read. A must! Because it takes you to a journey of finding love, loosing love, and gaining love back which I think is the real struggle in keeping a relationship afloat. Adultery mirrors the real scenario in real-life and that what makes it so striking. But this is Paulo Coelho we are talking about. How could it not be?

3. Everyday by David Levithan

11692642_395818743961900_8987354876561422024_nOne of the best books I’ve read. For me, as a reader, what makes a good book is when you could not sleep after you’ve read the book, thinking how could the author have done such a work that got your heart broken because the two characters took a 360 degree turn and all sings leads to making you believe they’ll end up together, they find a way to make the struggle resolved, but still ended up as nothing but friends and a mere memory on each other’s life. Like seriously David! How could you? Oh! In case you’re looking for more, a prequel is now out! It’s called Another Day.

4. The Catastrophic History of You & Me by Jess Rothenberg

11698660_401176230092818_3012626797310552595_nRemember what it feels like to have your heart broken by you very first boyfriend or girlfriend? Devastating right? You never wanted to eat again, never wanted to smile again, it’s as if all the life was sucked out of you. You never wanted to see the sun again. You never thought that you will ever be happy again. You never wanted to see your friends again. You wonder how the world could still turn and progress when you feel like the world has already ended, goodbye, the end. The thing is,you’ve made it thru those moments. However, Brie did not. She died. And this book is her journey to redemption and peace.

5. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

11953115_417682868442154_9038168925817241730_nThis has got to be the best sci-fi distopian book I have ever read. Reminiscent of three titles that have the same theme coupled with the Monarchial feels, this book was written in such a way that it would stand out and would take you to a whole new experience of love, betrayal, adventure and revenge. I just couldn’t really get over the ending and how I never saw the twist coming. When reading this book, I have never felt so much rage to the point of me wanting to just scream and be a perfect storm. Well, congratulations Victoria! Looking forward to reading the book two, Glass Sword.

6. Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

12047053_423920557818385_589277915722100496_nWhen I think about the world today, the generation today, and how relationships are made and crushed at the same time, I am always reminded of how love could really be ugly. Growing up and experiencing love itself firsthand, I was taught that real love in our generation is hard to find, especially now that sex got much easier to get. And when it’s just sex, there’s a rule that it should only be sex. Whoever falls first, is the looser. That again is when love gets ugly. Often, it’s a one way street. But what if it becomes two-way? You both fell for each other, would you admit it and go for it? See it through that it’s not just the sex? That’s what this book is all about. Of course, be ready to have your heart shattered a bit.

7. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

11210393_432762500267524_621361935095869150_nAnd yes! I bought this at the time of my life when I felt so hopeless thinking it would help me cry all my disappointments and frustrations out. That did not happen. This book made me roll off my bed as the twists just get heavy and heavy and all those sub-twists in between. But wait until you reach the last quarter of this book, that’s where all the bombs were dropped and will make you fall in love like you’ve never had before. What a wrong choice during that time of depression.

8. November 9 by Colleen Hoover

11201918_443681899175584_1392845862477758638_nI got this book as a gift from a very special friend whose birthday happens to be on November 9. But more than, being that this is Colleen Hoover’s new work, I thought that I just got to have this. My friends have already read this and they told me that I have to be emotionally stable before I read this because this book defies all rules when it comes to love. And I was like, ooooookay. Great! Just as when I haven’t recovered from the last two CoHo book’s I’ve read, here comes another one ready to destroy my life. But anyway, if George Martin’s an expert to breaking our hearts by killing characters, perhaps CoHo’s style of doing the same act is by giving us the idea that love knows rules but are we willing to take the risk to break rules if there are any?

9. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher

Processed with VSCO with a8 presetThis book is very curious to me. When you die, you die. It usually gives you little time and effort to say farewell. Most suicide cases would have farewell notes. Notes that explains why they did what they did. Notes…written in a piece of paper or text messages. But this book is sick! The girl who died recorded thirteen reasons why she killed herself on cassette tapes . And I am so curious what her reasons were. I also read that each reason is linked with a person. And after each person listened to her stories, that person has to deliver the box of cassette tapes to the next person. Curious. Really curious.

10. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

11053108_379630245580750_7732349502194707468_nI think I came to know this book when I was reading Twilight Saga or watching The Vampire Dairies. One of which anyway. But what’s ironic is, when I was reading the first few pages, I am instantly reminded of Fifty Shades of Grey written in old English style. Anyway, those three titles have one thing in common and Wuthering Heights can be considered as their ancestor. I can’t get the name of the character out of my head! Heathcliffe.


So you see, I have made an effort to extend my collection of books. As I have said, a certified bibliophile now. Although, I still have a lot of books to collect, especially those I’ve read before by just borrowing them from those who have copies.

I look forward to reading more and collecting more this coming 2016! How about you? How will you summarize your 2015? What do you look forward to this 2016?



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