The Starter Pack for Certified Introverts

Many people like the busy streets and busy life, some people prefer the silent ambiance of a coffeeshop and the comfort of a book at hand. Some people prefer to talk and be heard of for what they have to say, while others would tend to step back and write everything down. Others prefer the callous street and fast-phase life of the city, while others are more than happy to spend the day on parks under the shade of the tree, observing the nuances that make up the human life and how uncertain our relationship is with time.

Two types of people existing together, but they don’t exist in the same level of human psychology. They share the same space but they don’t share the same perception of that space.

This is, for me, one of the major distinctions between an introvert and extrovert. And by now, you might already have the slightest comprehension of what I am and where I am getting to.

And you may ask, what keeps an introvert busy? What hobbies do compose our lives? What do we do to when we are alone, lest what’s going on inside our heads? Here are some of the answers to those questions.

1. We Love To Be Alone For A Reason.

While most people are seen spending their day offs with friends on malls or beach or going somewhere at the outskirts of town for some adventure, we introverts prefer a place that’s cozy and silent, a place where we can find our zenith where we can put our heads in and just wonder about.12299397_438675746342866_5681921610817722553_n

The clinking of silverwares as the baristas prepare orders for customers, the cacophony of hushed telephone conversations, the intoxicating scent of the coffee brewing in the espresso machine. Yes! Most of the introverts I know, myself included, love the comfort of coffee and books in a coffeeshop. It gives us time to wonder about life and concentrate on our take-home work.

2. Feeling Nice and Cozy…in Bed.

Most of us introverts are confessed bookworms. When other people enjoy video games on their Xbox, chatting with people over the phone via Facebook, Twitter, etc, we would rather go to a bookstore and pay for a book which we can enjoy reading. Arguably, we think it’s more productive than anything else.

Of course, reading a book is way better done when accompanied by a cup of coffee. I can’t explain in details, however, the pleasure I get in reading books during the weekend on my bed. But to paint you a picture, it gives me an opportunity to wander where I can’t go. I get to experience life on a different perspective by reading, acquaint myself with people who are fictitious, and experience falling in love. All these things happen on my bed. With my book.

3. Picture Paints A Thousand Words.

11010530_372921406251634_1768183829574956366_nWe introverts are not just into writings. As much as we want to share our most naked musings in details thru blogs and random Facebook posts, we also prefer to
express our lives through different medium.

As much as we are textual, we are also visual. We want to express what’s in our heads with the way we dress which are transcended into the way we caption our photos and how we posed in the photo and with how we filter our photos to match the “current mood.”

It goes without saying that when words betray you, better take a photo of it.

4. Our Natural Habitat.

Coffeshops. Parks. Bedrooms. Libraries. Beach. In the woods. But the best place where to wander our minds off is none other than a bookshop. In the city where I live, we suffer from the lack of bookshops. We often opt to buying online which actually costs us extra but for the love of reading and collecting, so casually praised in the name of being a bibliophile, we couldn’t really careless.

So when I had the opportunity to visit National Bookstore for the first time last March of this year in SM North EDSA, the amount of happy hormones in my body is…incalculable.IMG_20150322_155555

At that exact time, the moment the flat-bottom part of my shoes touched the threshold of National Bookstore, I knew I’ve found heaven on Earth. I felt them; I felt the pages of every book vibrating with so much joy waiting for a soul to open them and allow that soul to travel the world encapsulated in every words and sentences and paragraphs of that book. The joy I felt was beyond telling. I felt I was transported to a world known not to the ordinary. The joy in my heart was real so as the want to buy all the books perched at the shelves.

5. Express Yourself.

And as you may know by now, most introverts are bloggers and writers who swarm themselves online to express the goings on inside their heads. That’s how we let everything out. That’s how we let the world know how we feel, how we let everyone know who we are.

Are you an introvert as well? How are you different from the rest of your peers? Are you able to identify yourself with this post?



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