In Memoriam

August 31, 2015 marks the day of my dear uncle’s internment. He passed away couple of days ago and I was just so emotional.

Sadly I won’t be able to come to the internment due to my recent employment. I am still under probation and that prohibits me from filing vacation leave.

In light of this, I thought of writing a necrological service speech to celebrate my uncle’s life, memory and reunion with his Father in heaven.


Good morning. I know that most if us in this room are in deep sadness because we have come to a point of our lives wherein goodbyes must be said even though it will hurt. Today, we are given a chance to say farewell to a person who, in one way or the other, became a part of our lives. But to be honest, it doesn’t have to be goodbye at all. There is no real goodbye. Only thank you’s.

So today, instead of saying goodbye to a friend, to a father, to a cousin, to an uncle, to a colleague, and most importantly, to a brother, I bid you all to share this moment to say thank you to Desiderio Elas or Delio for sharing his life to all of us.

In Irish Traditions, when someone dies, instead of mourning during the nine (9) days of prayers, the Irish would hold parties and fill the air with happy mood. That might seem disrespectful, especially to us Filipinos. To us, we need to mourn the loss we have had. Which is, in reality, okay. No legislation can change that.

But you know what I like about that Irish Tradition? It is the fact that they would rather celebrate the life of the person instead of drowning theirselves in tears. And today, let us try to adopt that tradition, even just for a little while.

Uncle Delio to me is a hero. He is one of the most selfless and true person that I have met; one who has a big heart – figuratively. In his youth, he had to stop schooling to give way for his siblings. At an early age, he had to start working to help his parents provide for the family. One sacrifice that you will rarely see in real life nowadays. This kind of sacrifice might sound “paulit-ulit na lang” to some of us here, but to me, that was one sacrifice his siblings will always carry, a reminder that there was a time in their lives that their kuya Delio did something selfless.

To his children, we all know that he did everything to be a good father. He might have had shortcomings but it is all understandable because no one is perfect. But if there is one thing I am sure of, that is he made a lot of sacrifices for his family.

To his nephews and nieces, he was a second father who exhibited unconditional love and care. He will always be the one who will lecture them if they did something wrong, or commend them if they did something good. His infectious laughter will always be remembered by them.

Of course, to his friends, he exhibited good interpersonal characteristics. I know he was a friend to all of us. He shared his skills and knowledge and laughter to all of us and I hope that those memories will forever remain with you. I hope that after today, just like what I have said, there will be no goodbyes but only thanks for Uncle Delio’s life. I hope that we will always remember that there were moments in our lives that he changed us, that in one way or the other, he helped us grow, that he touched our lives and made it extra special.

Uncle Delio may be gone now physically, but his spirit, his memory will live on. For as long as we celebrate his life by celebrating ours. Because whether you like it or not, he is a part of you and me now.

Death is not the end. It is just the beginning of something more beautiful and good for Uncle Delio and us. Thank you Uncle Delio. You will be missed.signature


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