Promdi’s Big City Trip

20150321_083442No! I am not pertaining to the Big Apple.

Last March 21, I made the most fearless move I have ever made. It was wild and haywire and exhilarating all the same; seeing those skyscrapers that stand from ground up almost touching the sky, the never ending curves and turns of the roads, the  hazy lights at night and its blaring truth right before my naked eyes.

It was a very short visit, two days at the least. But the degree of my fascination was beyond compare that up to now, the tunnels and underpasses still haunts me in my dreams. Manila has managed to grow roots on me despite the modicum amount of time that it embraced me with its overwhelming charm.

I think that you have to know yourself first before you can fully appreciate a city – a place – like Metro Manila. Perhaps, my fascination was tantamount to the fact that I have always dreamed of making it there; to hear its loud sounds, to see its bright lights, to witness right there and then  how I could fit in.

And so to celebrate my story and experience, I have short-listed the things I am missing about Manila.

IMG_20150321_123658Starbucks – the glass door was pushed open and the atmosphere was nothing like I have ever seen. The strong smell of caffeine invaded my senses, sending jitters to my spine and making every fiber of my being come to life. Starbucks was a haven to my dreams. I could spend the entire afternoon there with only my book and a grande sized coffee while singing “got a long list of Starbucks lovers…”

IMG_20150322_155555Bookstores – at that exact time, the moment the flat-bottom part of my shoes touched the threshold of National Bookstore, I knew I’ve found heaven on Earth. I felt them; I felt the pages of every book vibrating with so much joy waiting for a soul to open them and allow that soul to travel the world encapsulated in every words and sentences and paragraphs of that book. The joy I felt was beyond telling. I felt I was transported to a world known not to the ordinary. The joy in my heart was real so as the want to buy all the books perched at the shelves.

The Malls – I first experienced my 20150322_112553shopping-the-Metro-Manila-style at SM North EDSA and I could not believe how broke I can be there. I may sound over reacting, but I could never have bought that much here in Zamboanga. The clothes there were cheap whilst never compromising the quality of the shirt.

20150322_182734One Direction – it was the heart of my trip. My trip was rectified summer of 2014 and it was to see One Direction perform live. Last March 22, I finally saw Niall, Liam, Harry and Louis. Zayn was not there, unfortunately. That was my first concert attendance and my experience was . . . freaking awesome! Awesome is an understatement. Seeing the boys and hearing them sing their songs live was the best moment of my life so far and up to now I can’t tell if that was a dream of reality that doesn’t want to sink in.

Yes! It was a very short visit but Manila and its blaring truth got me smitten. And sooner rather than later, I know my my feet will take me back to the city I have fallen in love with. (by Juseph Elas)


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