An Intern’s Farewell

With the (incomplete) PIO team during the the Drum and Lyre Competition + Cheerdance Competition at Vitaliano Agan Coliseum.
With the (incomplete) PIO team during the the Drum and Lyre Competition + Cheerdance Competition at Vitaliano Agan Coliseum.

I think, perhaps, the most memorable experiences I have had this 2nd semester during my internship were the Pascua na Zamboanga coverage, Drum & Lyre and Cheerdance Competition coverage and the Achievers’ Night in sync with the Dia de Zamboanga Celebration. What made them memorable? Basically, we did not just cover the events; we also helped the Public Information Division of City Hall to prepare for those events. As interns, we assisted in the technical preparations. Personally, I enjoyed the working environment; I liked being asked to do something in the office because I felt that I was not just a simple intern, I felt I was part of a team that works hard for something for the city. Also, I felt I was productive because most of our works were media related.

I did not just write news for the PIO Division, I also edited segments and episodes of Beng TeleMag. I think that given how competitive the world is today, as a media/communications student and future media man, it is imperative to learn anything media related. Having one field to concentrate on is good but it’s a plus if you know a lot more. This is the age of multimedia and if you don’t know a couple or more then I’m sorry you’ll not survive.

At first, I did have doubts regarding my outfit. I was well aware that we are not going to make hard news since we are under the city government. What we do are news wherein we write the good stuff about the government. To me, I felt that my right to write balanced, unbiased, and true stories were compromised. I admit to being an activist as a writer. I want to tell stories that speak of the real scenario; I want to write how a teacher bullied a student because the former has something against the latter and how the former uses social media to find reasons to bully the latter – real-time and virtually. I want to write about the mendicant on the streets of Zamboanga, I want to write about ZAMCELCO’s and Water District’s apparent lack of proper management, etc. But no, I have to write positive public relations for the city government. Bummer.

But what did that teach me, though? My experiences at the PIO Division taught me that I need to be flexible. I can’t allow myself to be isolated on one field alone because the future is a murky sphere of life. I can’t say that I will be writing for an independent paper run by oligarchs in Manila. I can’t know that.

The amazing four interns of the Public Information Office, City Hall, and Beng TeleMag.

I will miss the environment that took me in ten months ago. I will miss my boss, Mrs. Sheila Belen Covarrubias, who is the coolest boss ever! I am thankful because she took us in and allowed us to grow as writers. I will the people whom I share the same interests with like reading books and watching American TV Series – Ma’am Claudine Mamales and Ate Jasmine Mohammadsali. I will miss the cocky, quirky, cheeky, and crazy duo that is Sir Christian Olasiman and Ate Garnet Francisco. I will miss the amazing, multi-media guru, Sir Cedrick Zabala. I will miss the quiet journalist in the office, Mr. Vic Larato. I will miss Sir Spoty bustling in the office carrying a handicam smiling like a kid. I will miss everyone. I will miss those fun moments I and my fellow interns shared in the office whilst the bosses are not around.

My time has come to bid adieu and pass on the position to the next holder. I pray and hope that, whoever that person is, he/she will enjoy the same as much as I did.


One thought on “An Intern’s Farewell

  1. Congrats sep! There are no real goodbyes, only welcomes! Welcome to the real world! Wishing you the best in life! Cheers to success, to the dreams you will fulfill, and to growth. Enjoy the journey always! See you around!

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