Empresa de Zamboanga

tagThe headline speaks much about our desire to further promote Zamboanga to the world.

Given the recent bad publicity about my beloved city, Zamboanga needs positive public relations and we can’t wait for an expert to this for us. As a mass communications student, I feel like I can do little things to somehow erase those bad ideas about Zamboanga.


For investors who are planning to invest on the production of goods using raw materials or looking for partners in exporting goods, Zamboanga City is a center of commerce and industry in region IX and is one of the richest cities in the country with its many bountiful natural resources like livestock, poultry, fisheries, crop products, palay products and corn products. The city also boasts its canning industry that produces and supplies sardines in the country.

The city is also competitive in producing agricultural products such as lanzones, mango, coconut and banana. The city is proud to house one of the biggest coconut plantations in the region. The city has been constantly producing copra, which is turned into coconut oil and other products and are being exported to other countries like Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and other Pacific Islands.

Locales and tourists can also enjoy new-found unadulterated natural beauty that only Zamboanga can offer. The city has been booming with a number of waterfalls like the Merloquet Waterfalls and Lamisahan Waterfalls, caving experience courtesy of  the discovery of the Calibato cave located at the East Coast of the city and its numerous coastal beauties such as the pink-sand Sta. Cruz Island and La Vista del Mar.

Zamboanga City a city that delivers fun and exciting experience for the business-minded and for those who just want to have an escape. Truly, Zamboanga is the Pearl of Mindanao.


Below is the AVP we created for this activity:

The city of Zamboanga is the major economic and industrial powerhouse of the Zamboanga Peninsula. From exciting cultural heritage and landmarks to the region’s international ports, the city has it all.

Everywhere you go, the city is booming with business establishments marking the city’s capacity to foster business-friendly environment.

But the city is more proud to say that it is a powerhouse in terms of its natural resources. The city’s economy, primarily, thrives in agriculture and fisheries. Just at the West Coast of the city, fishing factories stand from ground up. The city’s geographical location is blessed with rich marine life and the city is proud to be the major producer of Sardines in the entire country. No doubt, Zamboanga is the Sardines capital of the Philippines since 11 out of 15 canning factories are based in the city.

From fishing to canning, companies like Universal Canning Incorporated and Mega Fishing Corporation assures that the production of their products is based on international standards.

Major sea products also include shrimps, prawns, lobsters, crabs, and squids. Region 9 ranks 3rd in terms of seaweeds production contributing roughly 12 % of the total national output.

The number and size of farms have also increased in the past years, implying greater efficiency, growth and reliance on the agriculture sector within the region.

Palay is the major temporary crop in the region. The city has showed the highest improvement in palay production with an increase by 2.62% in the last three years. While coconut remains to be the dominant permanent crop. The city also produces bananas and rubber.

Region 9 makes up 10% of agricultural production in the country, which is 2nd place among all regions in the country.

The city’s coastlines are also something to look forward to. The city’s tourism is slowly seeing light now with the development of the Sta. Cruz Island and other beach resorts like the La Vista Del Mar and Bolong Beach Resort.

With the construction and interventions of the Zamboanga Freeport Authority, the city’s economy will still boom and thrive not only in the region but also throughout the entire country. (by Juseph Elas)


6 thoughts on “Empresa de Zamboanga

  1. Hi! I just came across this while looking for news about Zamboanga City on Twitter as I’ll be visiting tomorrow and am a little scared! Media isn’t giving your city a good rep but I appreciate everything I just read 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. I assure you that what the media is airing is just a part – a little part – of the real Zamboanga. Other cities experience the same problems abut security. However, the media is really fond of overexposing Zamboanga and giving it wrong PR. I hope you will continue to visit my city and see for yourself its beauty. 🙂

  2. Hi! It’s great to find another Zamboangueno blogger here! Let’s keep on writing about the good things in the city this time. Zambo deserves better than negative publicity

    1. Hello sir! I for one couldn’t agree more. Haha I think Zamboanga needs to be given a chance. She deserves more than what she is receiving now. Let’s make this promoting-Zamboanga’s-good-stuff campaign happen. 🙂

      1. it would be good to start a campaign by blogging and cross-referencing our blogs to create more impact. who knows, maybe one day our efforts will be recognized. do you know of any other local bloggers? maybe we could start a group project

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