Success as a result of excellence

ZAMBOANGA, Philippines – How can one say that what he/she is doing shows signs of excellence?

The Filibuster talked to a former student of Western Mindanao State University who took Mass Communications. She worked for Amnesty International Zamboanga as media coordinator. Under her supervision, all marketing and public relations activities need to pass her table before going to the publics.

She is Aivelle Enriquez Aizon who is now working at the City Assessor’s Office with a position as Clerk I, City Hall, while balancing a family business, being a hands on mother and other works.

Too much to handle? Not for one Aivelle. She believes that the course she took enabled her to be flexible and to never settle for one thing alone. She believes in Martin Luther’s advice: if I¬†can have more than two jobs, I will.

She even shared an equation she uses to manage her income: income – savings = expenses.

Watch the interview with Aivelle Enriquez Aizon below.


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