Nominated For The ‘Versatile Blogger Award’


Today, I found a sense of fulfillment as a fellow blogger nominated me for an award in the blogging community. LORIEB, a blogger and a published writer based in Canada, nominated my blog for the said award. I would like to assume that she sees my blog as a contribution to the world of blogging. Not only that, I think that she saw my blog as something that everyone could benefit from with only my words, experiences, not-so-extensive knowledge and ideologies as weapons.

This is the first time that I have been nominated for blogging. I have been blogging for only a year and it gives me so much joy and excitement and thrill to have been nominated for something I like doing.

I personally use blogging to share some of my journalistic works. Whenever I finish something – a story, an article, a column, an editorial, etc – I always find myself filled with so much euphoria and pride for the accomplishment. I think that being able to write something is a form of creativity and should be shared to the world not for fame but for the rest of the world to learn from what you have to share and develop a connection with your readers.

When I started blogging, I never thought that I would have audience. I was writing and posting for the sake of practicing my writing and that’s it. I was more than happy to see one read or two. But as I evolve in this world – in this community – I learned that having audience is important and giving your audience something worthwhile is also important. That’s when I started to take this thing seriously and viewed writing with wide-eye optimism.

So thank you LORIEB for the nomination. Now, it’s my turn to nominate other bloggers. As new nominees, you must follow a few rules to keep the chain going…

1.Show the award on your Blog

2.Tell something about yourself

3. Thank and acknowledge the person who nominated you.

4. Share some facts of life leading to your blogging or what made you blog

5. Nominate 15 persons

6. Link your nominees to let them know.

My nominees are as follows:

  1. Beyond Manliness
  2. Pristine Prowess
  3. Be Like Water
  4. The Journal
  5. The Professional Heckler
  6. Couple’s Chronicle
  7. kelzbelzphotography
  8. Pescao Seco.
  9. The Keys
  10. Writers On The Rise
  11. Nicotinebuzzkill
  12. Breanna’s World
  13. Daily Inspiration Blog
  14. Envision Your Future Online
  15. Gotta Find a Home

Keep writing. Keep sharing. And together, let’s make blogging a social good habit.


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