We turn into that someone we think we wouldn’t and often times, we lose some people we love. And I think that’s the contentious part of change. But on the other side of the cheek, it may be a part of a plan – a plan designed for us to grow and see the world in a broad sense, a plan that will teach us to adjust our narrow thinking and a plan that will bring us to a deeper understanding of our life and other’s.

We make decisions we think is good but good only to ourselves; we tend to disregard the world because that decision led us to something so magical and beautiful and happy and crazy that will bring us various displays of novel-like pictures of love. However, when we’re in that state, we tend to forget that some things might just be too-good-to-be-true that if some people will try to slam that dream-like state, we’re willing to do anything to protect it – even if it will cost something we were holding most valuable before.

We meet new people and we find our circle expanding from one sphere to another. Now that’s okay because meeting new people is fun and exhilarating and cool. It’s fun to have a lot of peers besides us that will be there to sing “I don’t know ’bout you but I’m feelin’ 22. Everythin’ will be alright if you keep me next to you…” with you while jumping up and down as the sun set in the horizon with a red solo cup in your hand. However, the danger it imposes is abominable and succumbing to it is what we should avoid.

Life is an interconnected chains of what’s, why’s and who’s. My decisions will have ripples with yours and hers and his. The way I behave will irate others, the way she laughs will disturb a class, the way he walks will insecure the boy standing two feet away from where he is, the way she talks about something will cause someone to think that she’s smart whilst some other will ¬†think otherwise because he knows better. You and I can’t avoid overlapping each other because we live in a kaleidoscopic world where – in one way or the other – my step will be replaced by yours and vice versa.

But what I think will we can do is be conscious of what’s happening inside us and around is. Be conscious on what move to make, be conscious on how to behave around our peers, and most importantly be conscious in what to say.¬†


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