The Crazy Little Thing Called . . . ?

by Juseph Elas

tumblr_mytrybtEPt1qj0lgko1_250You know, for most of us, we easily equate love with that jolt we feel whenever we see someone and that someone is our crush. We tend to define love as the force that makes us feel hundreds of butterflies fluttering inside our stomach, the force that keeps us awake at night because we are filled with what could only be thoughts of you and crush, the force that makes you write silly poems that you post on tumblr or what-have-you.

But if I’d ask you, how will you define the crazy little thing called love?

Well, we have been given a lot of definitions, to start with. So many, that one would have a hard time trying to reconcile them all to one central definition. Love, perhaps, has become a vague terminology because from one generation to another, writers have given us so many ways to define love.

From short poems to short stories, from love letters to diaries, from written pieces of literature to movie adaptations, from lyrics to song, love has been a central theme of so many forms of art in history. And to be honest, defining it shouldn’t really be that hard. Because one can just simply get a pinch from one and get from another and so on and so forth. Put them all together and then voila!

For me, love is the way mothers kiss the sleep away from their husbands’ eyes, the way husbands kiss their wives on the front porch steps before going to work, the way siblings quarrel, the way you greet your friends, the way your teachers disciplines you at school, the way you respect your elders, the way we show our appreciation to people who – in one way or the other – helped us achieve what we achieved, the way our partners take our breath away, the way lovers sway their bodies in the rhythm of each other’s heartbeats, the way we treat our environment, and the way we do our stuff knowing perfectly that it will affect every living and able soul around us.

My definition of love is not my own, of course. I live in a second-hand world where I have little to none idea what real love is. I can only say that I have witnessed what love is and can write about it by basing it on what I read, what I see on films, what I observe from lovers in the park, and other stuff like that.

But no matter how you wish to define it, no matter what you equate it with, love will always be the force that will make you smile stupidly while walking alone, the force that will make you sing love songs, the force that will make your hands sweat at the sight of your crush, and most importantly, the force that will take you back to the start and once again break your heart.


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