On The Road Again Tour


I’m finally going!

OTRAT Official Poster. [Taken from: https://www.smtickets.com/one-direction-2015]
OTRAT Official Poster. [Taken from: https://www.smtickets.com/sites/default/files/1D%20re.jpg%5D

Well most of you already know by now that I am finally going to see One Direction – Liam, Louis, Niall, Harry and Zayn – come March 22, 2015 for the On The Road Again Tour in Manila. Personally, I think it’s going to be one of the best experiences I will ever have because it’s going to be big and it’s the first concert I will ever be attending.

But what most of you don’t know is . . . I have had to battle my way to my parent’s (my dad’s most especially) hearts just so they’ll allow me to go.

I remember the day of the first tickets sale, it was May 23, Friday. I was sulking in my bedroom and my eyes were bulging from crying the night before because my request to borrow money to buy a ticket from my parents was rejected.

I was really devastated that I was forced to give everyone a cold treatment the next days that came.

But heaven was really generous. Prayers of thousands and millions of fans who were suffering the same depression and devastation as I was were answered. A second show was announced as the management of One Direction added an additional date for the concert in Manila.

It was then that I wrote a letter to my dad to allow me this time. And letter went like this:




What’s My Point?

I have no intentions of boasting this. What I am writing this for is to let you know that (1) when you want something, claim it! And the universe will conspire for you to achieve it (Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist). (2) opening up and talking something through with your parents – making compromise included – won’t hurt. They will always open for you only if you know how to make the first move. And (3) never lose hope and faith (in the Divine). Sometimes, we think that He isn’t listening and we rebel, we immediately hate Him for it. However, we fail to understand that he is not a wishing well. He grants what we want but not because He is a wishing well, but because He knows it will make us happy and complete. He has reasons of his own for making this as they are. Keep the faith no matter how flawed you think it is, because when all else fails and make no sense, you’ll find yourself clinging to that faith. 


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