College Is A Den Of Bullies and Fakes


About one thing I am absolutely positive about college; you will never have true friends but you will have tons of enemies, ready to slash you at your back once they’ll have the opportunity, who hides under the umbrella name acquaintances, if not friends.

I believe in the freedom of the press and one’s freedom to express whatever he wants the world to know. But sometimes, doing so will earn you more critics and antagonists rather than allies. Nonetheless, I couldn’t really careless which I’ll earn.

I have these classmates who can’t seem to get along with how I do my stuff; not that I am doing it weirdly, classmates whose attitudes are entirely different with mine, classmates who see your move as something to be detested and should be considered as incriminating . . . stuff like that. And I can’t begin to fathom what brought them to that point of behaving as such? I can’t begin to reconcile each facets of justifications why of all people, they have their eyes on me? I can’t begin to comprehend why in the kaleidoscopic turn of life, my mere existence is a pain in their ass?

Why? Why? Why?

I never encountered such treatment before until now. I have lived this sort of life my entire existence. I have been doing the stuff I’m doing ever since. I have treated people the way they choose to treat me. And it has always been like that before. But now, it got me thinking: where have I gone wrong this time? Or did I do anything wrong at all?

Modesty aside, I am a very competitive individual and I have my own ways how to survive the jungle that is life. And these ways are designed base from my previous experiences and are only applicable to me because my brain works differently from others. And I don’t have any plans of adjusting these ways just to accommodate others – not that I am being individualistic and inconsiderate. I adamantly believe that adjustments must be exercised two-way street.

I want to confront them and demand what their problem is. But knowing how they manage confrontations – given that they are women – I’m having second thoughts. And it’s not because I am coward, but because I respect women – regardless of how they treat me.

But I just can’t really strap-off myself from thinking how these two classmates can be so downright implausible and war-freaks. Well, one may say that it has something to do with our backgrounds. I came from a private school prior to college and they came from another (not necessarily a private school). And these two backgrounds have the disobliging habit of clashing with each other.

All these I endured for almost four years now and I still have few months before I can finally strap myself off from these negativities. But all these have led me to conclude that in college you will never make real friends. Only enemies. College is a den of bullies and fakes!

Like I’ve said, I have no plans of changing my ways. I have adjusted for them, and to be honest I am still adjusting for them. I have done my part. I strongly believe that if they can’t adjust for me, then they have to suffer the consequences of dealing with how I operate because if they can’t, then I don’t know where their insecurities and shallow-life will lead them.


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