A Twist in the ‘ZOUIS’ Story


Hit maker: Zayn takes a draw on the roll up. Before they began their journey someone can be heard asking: 'Are we allowed to talk contraband in this?'  via Mail Online
Hit maker: Zayn takes a draw on the roll up. Before they began their journey someone can be heard asking: ‘Are we allowed to talk contraband in this?’ via Mail Online

“‘Joint lit. Happy days!’ One Direction’s Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoke roll-up in Peru and joke about drugs in shocking video that exposes dark side of squeaky clean boy band,” the headline of a post on MailOnline reads. And it’s a story that soon caused massive hysteria among, both, loyal directioners and haters.

Ealier today a video where 21 year old singer of boyband One DIrection, Zayn Malik, smoking a rolled-up cigarette with fellow member, 22 year old, Louis Tomlinson at the back of an SUV enroute to Estadio Nacional in Lima, Peru for a show as part of their 2014 Where We Are Tour started to circulate on several social media.

In the video, Tomlinson was narrating at the back of the camera while filming Malik who’s playing with the cigar; he even blew smoke infront of the camera Tomlinson was using.

Supporters turn to social media – Twitter – to express their opinion with regards to this new publicity against their idols. Some says that that video is nothing normal in the industry, besides the boys are not growing any younger. However, some others didn’t agree with it saying that “what about their younger fans? What would their parents say about this?” While that is still subject to further discussions, dedicated One Direction fans won’t just back down easily.



Apparently, fans are targetting the so-called carrots for deciding to leave the 1D fandom (fan kingdom) just because of the leaked video. While some may think that this is a bad publicity for the band, others think that it’s otherwise and continues to pledge their loyalty with the boyband.

What The Media Failed To See

The tweet above are photos taken from the previous charity works the boyband did in the last four years of their transit landing success. And some of the dedicated directioners around the globe turned to social media to remind everyone that one video should not be a reason to overlook these works and judge Tomlinson and Malik [and the rest of One Direction boys] as bad influences.

Mid-March of 2014, Harry Styles and Liam Payne took two lucky fans to a date after winning in a competition organized by charity Trestock that supports young people affected by cancer. The boys were more than willing to help and be a part of this cause.

“We’re so lucky that we get to spread the word about things we care about. Its great to do that about Trekstock.” Harry said to Mirror.

Of course, who would forget that day when One Direction boys found themselves in the Agbogbloshie slum in Accra, Ghana, to see how funds earned by U.K. charity Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day are helping the less fortunate? (TeenVogue)

Way back in 2013, the boys did a Red Nose Day single entitled “One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks) which topped the charts in more than 63 countries in its first week of release. The single raised a total of £2 million which the boys gave back for the kids at Ghana.

“We just want to say thank you to our fans for their generosity. They never cease to amaze us. We’re so very proud of our involvement and knowing that this money will make a real difference is the best part of what we do. Please continue to support Comic Relief and do what you can for this incredibly important cause. Love Niall. X” Niall said via Red Nose Day

And just last Monday, May 26, 2014, Niall Horan raised over £300,000 during his football challenge at King Power Stadium, Leicester. The proceeds of which went to Irish Autism Action and another autism charity, the UK Heart and Minds Challenge.

Horan turned on to twitter saying:

These are just a few of the charity works the boyband had made and we can bet that there’s more to come. No wonder why they were named as one of the charitable artists in the world recently along with Taylor Swift and others.

The Fans’ Outrage

I think that the fans are right for defending the boys against the negative feedbacks the leaked video has gotten. They have plausible evidences that the boys aren’t really bad influences to their younger-aged fans.

Recently, a spokesperson of the band said that they are taking legal actions to get at the bottom and to settle this issue involving two of the bands’ members saying they are letting the lawyer/s do their job. For all we know, MODEST or Syco Ent. are now on the hunt of the one who leaked the video. We’ll hear from them and more on the days to come.


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