When Things Have Gone To A Greater Height


The early men took caves as their refuge whenever storms would strike the land, ate raw foods to sustain their vegetation, wander aroundp (1) with little clothing but never saw it as something malicious and would fire malicious intent and most importantly, they lived a very ordinary yet satisfying life.

Now, try to imagine doing those things in the age of high-end fashions, in the age where people are torn between the past and future, in the age where the internet has indoctrinated our minds that some things are nothing but accessible, in the age where we have little knowledge of what is wrong and right that confuses us as to where our moral judgement would incline us to favor. Of course, when all these have come in to the picture, you’d rather not think of it and stick with the status quo. However, what we failed to understand is we live in a system; a system that has consequently failed to understand the damage it has brought to the environment and humanity as a whole. The system, much like any individual who is afaced with a dilemma, would rather not mind the damage because all it has in mind is moving forward.

The past is a place we might not want to visit, but looking at the past can actually help us understand our future; it can help us make a forensic, cross examination of the things we have done and help us design a plan to make the wrong into a right. But some of us are afraid to have a peek into the past. Probably because there’s a Pandora box of pain, misery and deception that we have tried to bury deep within the bowels of our mind. That’s the backlash, unfortunately.

When we were still small, we have been induced to believe that we will never go beyond if we continue to be vulnerable and weak. And I believe that it’s true. That is why it is imperative to face problems and crisis and learn how we can rise victorious. Now, looking into our past may open that Pandora’s box, but they are in the past. They may remind of the things that caused those miseries and pains, but you have to remember that they are just lessons learned now.

Same is true to our world now. Sadly, we don’t exercise retrospection anymore because all we have in mind is moving forward. We can’t back down now because the system will fail and if that happens, all our efforts to make life easier will go in vain. But has life really been better and easier?

Global warming is a result of our laziness, and our laziness is a side effect of technology doing our works. Since the rise of modern technology, the foods we eat and clothes we wear are processed and produced by robots and these robots emit gasses hazardous. But we insist on using them because they are efficient and they reduce human workload. And we all know that global warming is the number one problem that humanity is facing right now.

Teenage pregnancy is a side effect of too much exposure to media materials that would increase our likelihood to engage in sexual activities. It is undeniably obvious that most of the media materials today have sensual themes in their plots. And since we have little to none education regarding sex – especially those who live in the third world countries and post-conservative countries – we succumbed to our curiosity and we started engaging in sexual activities thinking that carnal bliss is game played with uno cards.

Lastly, overpopulation is a side effect of our neglect to proper community building. Through the years, our idea of community building is high-soaring skyscrapers and sustainable economy. However, we ruled out the idea that human capital is also important. What’s the use of having high-soaring skyscrapers if many don’t have jobs? What’s the use of having jobs if that job doesn’t suit your capabilities, skills and talents? And can sustainable economy solve unemployment to a greater height? Can sustainable economy cater for all the people living in that community? If so, until when can that system hold before it breaks?

So, can we really say that our lives have been easier since the advent of modern technology? Can we really say that life is better in the near future given that we continuously develop the technologies created? Or are we in a collision course with an ice burg because our system has driven us towards that course? In a community consisted of social class, who will suffer the most? The people in the lower class who have nothing and have got nothing to lose? Or the people in the upper class who have everything in the palm of their hands and have got many to lose?

You, who is reading this, what will you do if it’s your turn to build the community? Will you continue living in the status quo? Or will you take a look at the past, learn from it, and start drafting plans and steer the wheels away from that impending collision course with the ice burg?


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