The Theory Behind Expressing in Twitter


PF-twitter_2425383bTwitter, a micro-blogging site, has an estimate number of 500 million users worldwide since it went online in 2006 ( Men and women, regardless of their affiliations, would broadcast their thoughts, activities and about absolutely anything that is happening around them.

But is there a trend?

We all know that men and women communicate in different ways; there is a communication gap between the two genders that would often strike misunderstanding. Deborah Tannen, feminist and linguist who researched about the communication styles between men and women and theorized the Genderlect Theory, said that “if only we accept that no gender is superior above the other, accept that each communicates differently, then the communication gap between the two can be mitigated.”

I did a little test to see how users of Twitter respond to questions about how they play around Twitter. This test will also explain the communication style between a man and woman. Note, the determining factor of this test is not how they communicate in Twitter, rather, it’s how they responded to the questions.

Alyana Garcia (@AlyanaGrc) answered:


Venmar Galang (@imVenmarGalang) answered:


Here, Alyana responded more elaborately than Venmar. Thus, confirming Tannen’s research about the communication style between a man and woman. Also, it can be infer that Alyana, who explained her answers elaborately, wants the readers to understand her more. Venmar, on the other hand, answered the questions differently.

Tannen’s research will tell us that women would most likely communicate to create rapport and build relationship because they want to be understood and to understand other people. That is why they would most likely ask questions more than men. On the other hand, men communicate to show their status, to show how cocky they can be, to show that they would rather have something get done straight to the point. Also, they are more straight forward that is why communication between and among men would most likely end faster than of women’s. Also, men would most likely talk about objectifying women to satisfy their pleasure.

But that’s not always the case. Some men, those who are more outspoken and open minded would break those stereotypes.


 Q1. How do you compose your tweets? Are they random thoughts or well thought of?


Q2. Why do you tweet? To meet new people and create rapport or just tweet for the sake of breaking boredom?


Q3. What sort of tweets would you likely retweet and what sort of tweets would you likely favorite?


Q4. Who would you likely follow on Twitter? A boy or a girl?

[View the story “Edward Perlado (@dwardperlado) answered:” on Storify]

The first two respondents would most likely increase the validity of Deborah Tannen’s research on how the two gender communicates. Obviously, women will never communicate the way men do. It is an intrinsic nature for women to always build relationship and talk.. talk.. and talk.

At the end of the day, one can still reconcile these styles in communication. It all boils down to understanding and keeping an open mind. Man will always be a man in the way they want to express their thoughts and feelings and the same concept is true with women.

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