Let me start by saying that no matter what happened in the past – good or bad – you’ll learn from it. It may not be the most memorable memory, but along the way you will find that, it has taught you how to value the memorable one when it comes; in the same manner, it may be the most memorable one that has taught you that life is not all failures and sadness.
Yes! I have completed two decades of my life. I started out as an infant, very vulnerable to everything harmful and now I am a young adult able to think, decide, feel happiness and pain, win, loss, fell in and out of love. Moreover, in between, I took a journey, which I can definitely, say, not easy but not hard as well.
It creeps, and at the same time, overwhelms me to think that I am already twenty years old now. It seems just like yesterday when I took my first breath, had my first toy, learned my first steps, had my knee scrapped open, had my fingers cut by a blade, and entered pre-school. I can still remember when I was in 3rd grade when I thought of how long I still have to journey to graduate and stop coming to school because of my innate laziness. Now, though, all I have left is one year, one year before I finally graduate and stop coming to school.
Anyways, during the last two decades of my life, I have experienced many things. I experienced stuff like coming to school with only =P= 20.00 allowance, walking from school to house because I lost my money, was accused of stealing the class’ money even though I didn’t do it. However, it was not all sadness and failures. I have had a fair-share of happiness, too. I experienced winning in several competitions, fell in love, to be loved, shared laughter with friends, and had been recognize for something positive I had done. And those experiences taught me lessons I will never learn in the confines of the classrooms and/or small conversation among friends.
I know a song entiled “Breakaway” by Kelly Clarkson. The song means a lot to me because it mirrors what I have been through before and how those experiences changed me to what I am today. Before, I am a very lazy, careless, naive, and all other negative adjectives type of a person. One who is very passive and would always settle for less. However, one day, I woke thinking that I cannot always be like that; I woke telling myself that I have to change – for the good. Therefore, I took off the chains and allowed myself to grow to what I am right now.
Overall, it was a very colorful two decades.
I want to thank my family who never turned their backs on me even if I have given them reasons to do so, my bestfriends for always being there whenever I need them; to my friends (and there’s just so many of them) who accepted me for what and who I am; to my high school teachers who taught me that making a mistake is okay and to my college teachers who taught me that making a couple of mistakes is not okay. And to everybody who made such an impact in my life, who touched my heart, who taught me that life will never be easy, and to those people who gave me courage and inspiration to stand up amidst challenges and problems so that I’ll have the strength to say that “life will never be easy but I can manage.”

Together, let us fill another decade with happiness and stories of dreams achieved!

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