Adieu 2013


My last #selfie for the year 2013

This year, I have had a fair share of failures and triumphs. I really don’t want to vent out everything but I want to share some of the memorable ones that taught me 2014 isn’t going to be a lot easy but I can manage.

1. I started this year with a bang. We staged a musical play at the university which is our final requirement in one of our subjects. It was witnessed by 1/4 of the student body. 

On the road to complete the project, there were a lot of dramas and bumps. I, personally, thought that the project will be a failure. It was such a bang because, to my surprise, it got a lot of good reviews. The people did liked it! It would be one of the most memorable experiences I have had.

2. This year, I had my heart broken for the third time. And it suck! Well, all break ups do. Me and my partner decided to end our four-months relationship which, towards the twilight of it, was hanging by a cliff. I think both of us knew that someone was going to bend soon and end it. Eventually, it did.

The relationship, though, wasn’t that bad after all because at a certain point, I loved that person. It taught me a lesson too: to be mature.

3. Academically, I struggled when first semester of my 3rd year life started. The subjects were a total different from the subjects I took before. At that point, I really was able to say: this is college! This is masscom!

I admit to being lazy to study my lessons. Perhaps that attitude is to be blamed. However, due to perseverance and my will to make it through, I was able to make it.

4. I have championed two contests this year, too. One of it is the university-wide extemporaneous speaking contest during the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) Palaro 2013. I won 1st place. It felt good because, coming from the college which is the home of the literary giants, I have proven of our prowess when it comes to writing.

Another is the news writing contest. Actually, I really wasn’t supposed to enter but I want to have additional experience, so I joined. The contest came in sync with the Masscom Department’s celebration of its 30th anniversary.

I guess it’s safe to say that I have lived 2013 full blast!

I give thanks to the following:

My Family – First to my mom. My mom whose presence gave us some semblance and strength whenever we feel dad’s absence. I really admire her being our mom who wakes up as early as 3AM to prepare our breakfast and other stuff for school, who washes our laundry, who serves us tirelessly. I am sorry for the headaches. 

Second, to my dad. My dad who made a big sacrifice just give us a better life – even if it means to bare the paralyzing horror of being away from us and miss significant events (e.g. graduations, birthdays, and Christmases). Your courage will serve as our inspiration to strive hard and bounce higher. 

Lastly, to my brothers who never skipped a day to make me mad and laugh. Life would never be the same without you!

DSA (Eden, Jhucel & Charmaine) – for always being there whenever I needed some rescuing. My photoshoots and video projects wouldn’t be a success if it weren’t because of you. Thanks for celebrating my birthday this year with me. Got to spend a lot of events with you, and for that I am very much thankful! I love you guys so much.

Significant Others – this category is composed of many people. My high school friends, college friends, acquaintances, etc. This year, I’ve gotten the chance to spend a piece of my life with you. Somewhere in the kaleidoscopic turn of life, I know, we enjoyed each other’s company. Know that it was memorable because you and I shared that moment and that moment is forever emblazoned in my mind and heart.

Goodbye 2013! Sure, you were difficult! But it does seem like 2014 is going to be exciting!


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