The Voice: What WMSU Students Have To Say?


PILA: Students of Western Mindanao State University patiently
waiting in line to finish the enrollment [via Juseph Elas]
It’s the second week of enrollment for the second semester of school year 2013-2014 in Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) but as of press time, hundreds of students are still not enrolled. What is happening?

Students complain that the process of this semester’s enrollment is one of the worst…ever. They said that the line just to have your clearance at the cashier is way too long, line to have your tentative enrollment form encoded and assessed is another long journey, while the line where you get to pay your tuition is another long winding road. The same tale goes for the line where you get to be enlisted and where you can get your Certificate of Registration (COR).

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Other students complain that they have been in school since day one of the enrollment but are making little to none progress due to the number of students who came before them. No matter how early they come to school just to avoid lining kilometers away from the counter concern.

Here are what the students have been posting regarding the enrollment for the second semester:

I wasn’t able to conduct an interview with an authorized personnel, however, University Student Council President, Eng. Aldrin Abdurahim posted on Facebook:

Recall that prior to the enrollment this semester, Dr. Milagros Tan, a personnel at the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, said that “there will be no clearance and grades needed for this up-coming enrollment.”

Securing your clearance is an element that prolongs the whole enrollment process. The statement that Dr. Tan made is accordance with the recent attack of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) that shut down the operations in the city.

However, Dr. Tan failed to mention that not all colleges are mandated to follow this (eg. the College of Communications and Humanities required students to secure their clearances and grades before having their tentative enrollment forms).

The students can’t help but ask: Why is WMSU not adopting the online enrollment system?

That story, though, is yet to be unfolded. All we could do now is prolong our patience and understanding.

WMSU is a government-run institution. Its budget is not commensurate to immediately implement a project. I guess, (I’ll say this in behalf of the administration), it’s not also right for us to rant every now then. We have to think of the university’s scopes and limitations, too.

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