When Enrollment Comes


Photo by Juseph Elas

First semester of the school year 2013-2014 is over and the next big problem the students of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) have to face is the patience-wrecking, sweat-drenching, and hunger-standing enrollment.

Recall that the enrollment entails the following:

– Clearance;
– Secure red form/tentative enrollment form;
– Payment for local (college) fees;
– Encoding of schedules;
– Assessment;
– Payment of tuition; and
– Enlistment

However, the students’ perseverance and patience are tested upon securing their clearance alone. It is a very tiring process because you have to look for the authorized personnel to have the specific space signed then look for the next personnel again; from one building to another. Often times, just to have a space signed – specifically that of the accountant – a student has to endure a long period of time standing in line that has the ability to stretch from the cashier where the accountant is seated up to the College of Education building. It’s a very Quixotic experience actually especially if events like the personnel is unavailable or when you were caught by the cutoff time and you stood in line for several hours.

It’s a relief once you have your clearance filled out. But if you think that your agony is over, think twice. The next thing to be done is to fill out your tentative enrollment form; famously known as the ‘Red Form’.

After which, you have to face yet another Quixotic battle where only the one with longest patience and perseverance prevails! The assessment, encoding, payment and enlistment are the most stressful process if you are to enroll in the up-coming semester. You have to face standing for a very long period of time lining along with other students, not eating your meal on time, sweat everywhere, problems here and there, etc.
Students position themselves at the bleachers waiting for
their turn to have their Red Form encoded and assessed.
(via Juseph Elas)
Earlier, along with friends, we decided to go early to school so that we won’t have to face such problems. But to our surprise, the gym is already filled with students wanting the same goal as ours – to finish the paralyzing agony of the enrollment process.

And so we lined ourselves to have our schedule encoded. We started at the top of the bleachers going down until it’s our turn. You know what’s good about it? So long as you have a companion whom you can talk to while waiting, the process is not that painful.

With perseverance and patience, we were able to have our forms encoded. At least, we are one problem down.

But since the process has its loopholes, we weren’t able to proceed to the next step which is the assessment because problems arose.

We were in line when suddenly the line broke out of control for reasons I don’t know. Reeza May Laquihon, fourth year journalism student, explains the story.

Students formed a line here, claiming that the line is supposed to be there; students coming out of nowhere inserting their selves because of desperation. These are the typical scenes that you will see during enrollment.

As a journalism student, aware of the technical advances that other schools have during enrollment, I couldn’t help but wonder why WMSU can’t adopt the online enrollment? It would save the university of costs by a big percentage and students will only have to go to school to pay their tuition; look at Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU).

Is it conceivable that WMSU, being a government-run university, is left behind compared to other state universities who are having their enrollment online?

When I interviewed one of the University Student Council (USC) Senator, in the person of Moctar Abubakar, he said that the USC President is already drafting a resolution for this proposition to be realized. We don’t want to pry, but I hope that the USC in cooperation with the WMSU Administration will come up with a consensus for this plan to be realized as soon as possible.

I think that when this plan is approved and will be offered to the whole Crimson community, I had already graduated but at least, the future members of the community will not suffer the same fate we are suffering right now just to have ourselves enrolled for the second semester.

Students of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) waiting in line just to have their forms encoded and assessed.
(via Juseph Elas)


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