Internship: Outside or Inside ZC?


PHOTO: black and white cartoon of a man reading a
shocking newspaper story (via Clipart Guide)

The world of media is a battlefield of the brave and tenacious. You’ll survive so long as you keep up with the jungle and maintain a fast metabolism making you always hungry for information to share with the people. But keep an eye on your beat and be the first to get that story before someone else does. Competition fuels the game for journalists on the field.

However, we question, are the media practitioners-on-the-make of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) ready to face those challenges head-on? Are they fit mentally, physically, and psychologically to compete with otherjournalists who are trained at a level that differs with WMSU’s at a large margin? We further complicate this issue by asking, is it enough to have the internship here in Zamboanga, or we have to extend our linkages and send them out of Zamboanga to have a grasp of how is it to be in a field that is not familiar to them?

An interview was conducted by Rappler Manila with their interns and all of them gave a response they thought they would never give.
One said that “Rappler helped her step out of her comfort zone and face real-life situations.” Another one said “Rappler really pushed us to our limits and helped us realize our full potential.”
That’s what an internship should do. It must cater real-life situation to their interns so that they will be effective and experienced journalists. In the world today, where ripples of information are disseminated in a split second, they must be able to realize how to use that information and transform them to the context of humanity. And what better way to do that competitively is to be exposed in an environment that is new and outside of their comfort zones.

We only want what’s best for ourfuture media practitioners and we must help them become what they ought to become.

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