JuanWMSU: The Way To USC


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines – The winning of JuanWMSU during the recent WMSU polls made a record after grabbing all positions of the University Student Council (USC).

A position in the USC is a highly-coveted one for those who are running and for those who are after toserve their fellow students.

However, the battle of JuanWMSU candidates to obtain the position they now hold had not been easy. It was a long shot since the banner is a new one in the ears of the students.

So how were they able to grab all the positions in the USC and flap the other party, whose name is known, by a large margin? What actions were made to market the banner and candidates by large?

According to Senator-elect Moctar Baladji Abubakar, from the College of Engineering, their first consideration was the people who ran under the banner. “We did our best to choose the leaders that we now have, those who have ‘genuine’ credentials at diyung gawa gawa lang.”

PHOTO: JuanWMSU student leaders led by Eng. Aldrin Abdurahim (center)
Moctar further elaborated that they also considered the strengthening of the local line-ups or better known as the College Student Board (CSB), because they believe that they will bring the main line-up’s voice in their respective colleges.

The preparation also included speech training and personality building.

Moctar clarified that JuanWMSU and Buklod did not clash with regard to their standard bearers because the latter had no official standard bearer. “Maybe we clashed on the idealism that we have, because in JuanWMSU we treat everyone equally, regardless of the color, mapaGreen o Blue ka man, welcome na welcome ka.”

Moctar also said that JuanWMSU is an alliance which is non-partisan in nature.

The fight between JuanWMSU and Buklod was not that close as it is clear who is leading and who is left behind.

Had the team felt confident during the elections that they will bring home the bacon? According to Moctar, who is elected for the second time around as a senator, he felt confident because he knows that he is with the right people and with the right president, in the person of Aldrin Abdurahim. But he also said that the fear is also there. So it was a mixed emotion.

When the results were already tallied and announced as official, the joy that is tantamount to them winning majority of the slots in the USC was insurmountable.

“Upon the confirmation that all of us made it, I felt so happy of course because I know that I will be working with people whom I know shares the same vision as I do,” Moctar said.

He underscored that he also felt the intense challenge that they should perform well this school year because all of them came from the same banner.

Currently, the newly elected USC officers are working on some plans where the students will benefit by large.

The officers extended their gratitude to all those who supported them during the campaigns, and those who voted for them. All they can promise is that they will do their best to serve the students who trust them and believe that they can change WMSU.

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