Inspiration Like No Other


I will admit guys that I am struggling a lot in terms of writing my lead for a news story. It is not an easy job. The training will not end once you get outside of the room; it has to be practiced even when you are not attending the class anymore.

Being the struggling lamb, I tried looking for the advice of the most respected journalists of the country. It was more of a ‘suntok sa buwan,’ because they rarely give replies, let alone to a stranger like me.
So earlier, I tweeted Ms, Maria Ressa. She’s one of the top, respected, awarded, heralded, journalist of the country and is recognized even outside of the country. She is ABS-CBN’s former News and Current Affairs Head, she worked for Cable News Network (CNN), and now CEO of Rappler, asking for some tips on how to write a news story.

And below is an image clipped from my twitter account of her reply to my question.

Receiving replies from her sent me to the highest peak of the highest mountain on Earth, completely took my breath away!

Now, I am more than inspired to pursue this dream of becoming just like her!


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