Don’t be intimidated by other people’s opinions. Only mediocrity is sure of itself, so take risks and do what you really want to do. – Paulo Coelho, Aleph

Hi blog readers! I just wonder kung ilan sa inyo ang nag-aaral pa sa college? Has it ever crossed your mind kung tama ba yung course na kinuha niyo?
Our Fil114 (Pamamahayag sa Filipino) teacher would always captualize this sentence, “Dapat ngayon pa lang, alam niyo na kung ano ang role niyo sa lipunan bilang mamamahayag. Naisip niyo na bayan o ngayon lang ninyo iisipin?” And it will always stir a feeling of doubt within me. I know that I am very vocal of my dream to become a journalist, but her words would always struck me to the bone.

Isa pa tong Journ 102 (News Writing) subject namin. Every meeting is a living manifesto na we are in the wrong place. Kasi ba naman, whenever we think that what we have written is already okay, para kay ma’am hindi pala
Then just the other day, when I was so engulfed with self-pitty and doubt (wow! Self-pitty?) nagtanong tanong ako sa mga classmates ko kung natatanong ba rin nila sa sarili nila kung tama bang Journalism ang kinuha nila, aksi sa isip ko, akala ko ako lang ang nagtatanong ng ganon.

Their answer is shocking.
“Yes, Seph. Halos every day ko tinatanong yan.” they answered. Almost all of them answered the same thing.
Then napag-isip isip ko na, ‘di tamang isipin ko na ako lang ang nasa lugar na puno ng pagdududa at self pitty. Life is a warfare between giving up and fighting. We are not placed in a situation that we cannot survive. It was there that I found out that these doubts and self-pity are just part of the bigger challenge that is waiting for me. If I cannot overcome these, then I know for certain I will not make it in the future.

We must not succumb to oblivion that the world is capable of throwing; must not surrender. 🙂


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