Battered By The Crisis

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines – She is a mother whose string of hope is getting shorter every day as the crisis drags itself longer. She doesn’t want to give up for her children, but what can she do?
The crisis brought her to the edge; so far that it almost toppled the whole family to the ground. Her husband, prior to the crisis that broke out in the dawn of September 9, 2013, lost his job. Her eldest son suffered the same fate, and so as her second and third. Luckily, her fourth child found a job but her salary would not completely suffice the family’s needs for a day or two.
Dragging itself on its nineteenth day, the crisis shuts down the city’s operations that crippled the city’s economy. Ripples of the crisis are felt by many in the city.
Rosalina “Nene” Villamor’s family, who lives kilometers away from the conflict zones, is one of those families affected by the continuing crisis. She recounts how the crisis battered her economically challenged family.
Watch Rosalina Villamor’s story here:

Directed and researched by: Juseph Elas



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