Is Kabang’s Heroism A Product Of Media Hype?


We’ve spent the slightest amount of energy, or indeed passion, in pursuit of Kabang’s recovery from the tragic event that befallen to her. We all know what Kabang, an aspin or asong pinoy, put at stake just to save the lives of the children from an impending accident while crossing the busy street of Nuñez Extension on December 14, 2012. The heroism gained the public’s interest and sympathy, making Kabang more than just a youtube superstar. However, is it conceivable that what happened to Kabang is not due to saving the children from the fast-coming vehicle, but just a mere fate?

The news over the TV and prints says that Kabang, indeed, showed an act of heroism that day, and this claim is backed by the words given by the witnesses present during that event. But I couldn’t help but wonder if what the witnesses saw were the exact actions or the actions after the real actions. The children were also asked for their account and said the same thing. But, as adrenaline rush through your system, the human mind can’t actually process everything at that moment. It’s really ironic for the children to say that they were saved by the said dog but gave no specific account as to how were they actually saved. Did the dog bit the hem of their shirt and pulled them out of peril’s way or did the dog pushed them using its forelegs? We can only guess.

Furthermore, let’s look at what the witness, who was at an eatery that day, said. He told the inquirer that the dog ‘stopped’ the vehicle from hitting the children. How could a dog stop a vehicle from that? He even said that the dog intentionally blocked the vehicle’s way to stop it from hitting the children. Doesn’t this sound absurd? Being the only witness apart from the children, the account given is a little mundane.

Given that the prints can’t give us a detailed account of the event, I think it’s safe to say that what happened could be just a coincidence. Maybe what happened to Kabang is nothing more than a sheer unfortunate event. Maybe Kabang is crossing with the children and was directly— though unintentionally—hit by the vehicle. Since there isn’t any detailed account, we have the benefit of the doubt and we are entitled to see the story from the other side. And with regard to Kabang’s coined heroism, it was due to the media’s uncanny ability to sugar coat the story and turn the plot three hundred and sixty degrees. With these elements and the media’s astronomical influence to the viewers, Kabang then became a hero. This makes Kabang a product of media hype.


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