The Day We Said Goodbye

I have a friend, who is very handsome. I knew him for a very long time now. Somehow I got his number; we used to chat a Lot.. A few days passed and our friendship grew stronger. I developed then – not just crush but this is love already.

Then came the day when I told him about this. I still remember it. We were chatting that time. I told him I love him through SMS (big mistake of mine). It was the most unforgettable moment of my life. I Didn’t get any reply from him.. Later in the evening I got a Message Saying that ” We will be Friends Forever” .. That Message brought me Some pain.. The next day i was Very Shy to talk to him…

My friends supported me in those trying days. I Knew that he won’t be Mine, but still I continued loving and thinking about him.
I tried to forget him.. I had to carry on in life without him..

I didn’t even think about my future. I just knew one thing — I love him…After that brief instance, our friendship is never the same again. It was a period of heart burns and tribulations. We didn’t talk already. Sometimes, even if we are face to face but we don’t see eye to eye.

After remaining apart, we again met. That meeting was the most precious gift . I was tense and speechless when I met him.The day we did, we had a fight over a small misunderstanding. Sometimes, lack of conversation can lead to misunderstandings that can never be sorted out. I tried a lot to resolve the differences, but he dint want it to happen. I don’t know why. I thought he was frustrated. I left him alone for a few days, thinking time will bring him back. But he didn’t. Maybe, he never felt my need in his life. Life seems to be so easy, but it’s not.

Whatever happened, I am still grateful to him because he was the one with whom I fell in love. Now, when I feel like expressing myself, I can’t do that. He is not with me. I know, now he will never turn up. I still love him and will continue to love him ..he Has Gone, But Not his Love…..

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