CAT Fiasco

It has been almost four days past and yet what happened that day is still fresh in our minds. It has been a total fiasco which we didn’t expect – no one expected that. What happened is that, a major-major humiliation – a slap on our faces and a scar on the face of Claret’s CAT.

We don’t have grudges against our commandant or anybody else. But the thing that makes our head hot is the fact that, they directed the fault onto us – not that we really made the mistake there.

I stand aside together with my co-officers’ side.

I lied when I said that we don’t have grudges against them…A HUGE BUBBLE OF GRUDGE IS READY TO EXPLODE INSIDE ME!!!

Let me break it down to you.

First, it would have been a success if, and only if, they have supervised our practice. Yes! We were given enough time to practice, enough time to perfect all the drills. But, no teacher was at view. How are we going to change everything in time if no one will tell us the right thing to do?

Second, on the day of the performance, it was all set. We were shocked though when we arrive at the gym, but we have changed everything to adapt the setting. But! When we were already performing, a teacher would appear out of the blue then will give instructions….so we have to change again the things that we practiced. Another second passed then here comes another order from a teacher!

What the f***! What do you think of us? Automated-troupes-of-CAT officers wherein you will direct an order then we’ll just execute it ACCURATELY! th hell with you!

Third/Last, after performing, all seems to fall out of the line. The next thing we know is that, the director of the school and our commandant are both angry at us!

Hail them to the furnace of Lucifer’s kingdom!

Again even if you interchange everything, I still do stand aside with my co-officers who have performed that day.

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