When Realization Strikes

Her heart is beating faster tonight than any other nights before. She keeps on thinking why it keeps on beating like that? It’s as if she has never been into this before – she has been with this for the umpteenth times already. But, why is she so bothered tonight?

She can’t sleep for some reasons, she still couldn’t cipher. The night was, as steady as it has been for the last few nights – silent, steady, windy, and starry. The moon was the only source of light at the quiet lanes of Huethorn Ville. All lights where out in every large square houses on each side of the lanes. All were, in my opinion, fast asleep already on their soft and comfortable bed. All, except a girl named, Louisa Sparks.

As the clock strikes 11:30, she became aware of the thought that, she is being hysterical about the whole thing. She knows that she does not have insomnia or any sort of sleeping disorder, but she couldn’t explain the sudden insomnia. Why am I so bothered? She thought. Just then, another thought crossed her unshutable-at-the-moment mind. All students, by now, are fast asleep, with no worries in their mind. And I’m still here, awake and couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, Louisa has grown worried. What if she will be late tomorrow? What if she would not be able to make it? All thanks to her unshutable mind. She cursed under her breathe.

For a moment, she considered to count the sheeps. But, thinking that it is an absurd idea, she pushed the thought away. Next second, she considered to check her mattress for a pea remembering the movie The Princess and the Pea under the Mattress – was that the right title of the movie? *laugh* but there’s no pea whatsoever under her mattress.

The clock strikes 12.

Sooner than later, she will officially start her senior year. Her senior year.

“Wait! That’s it!” she exclaimed loudly, but not loud enough to bring the whole house to an upheaval.

The realization hit so fast, it left her off-guard.

She doesn’t want to end it immediately. She doesn’t want to move, yet, another step upward from the ladder of life. She has a lot of things to do before she finally can say Au Revoir to the place where she was molded as to what she is right now. She will miss the buildings, the walls of the fortress that shaped her, the educators, and all the curriculums of the school if these all ends in one snap.

The world, it seems, is speeding the time when you are having the time of your life and slowing down when it comes to your worst. But either way, life, Louisa knows, must go on. And she must do all that she must do for her to make her final year a memorable one.

Without realizing that the blanket of drowsiness has come upon her, Louisa slowly drifted to the sleep she has been craving for hours already.


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