Everything comes to a victorious end. The world, in status quo, seemed to go in a fast-pace mode. Before it began, we thought that it was going to be easy, no sweat. At first thought, being an officer is an easy job, no need to break some china. But as the days progressed, during the training, I have realized that, being an officer comes with heavy duties on the shoulder.

I am quite certain that I want to do it. I can give a hundred percent of my all, just to be called an officer. That’s the phrase that I have made to set my mind for me to pursue the CAT Training. Gee! I can still remember all the preparations, as though it happened just yesterday…*reverie*

Actually, I haven’t prepared for the training (what a liar I am), I haven’t even conditioned myself. I felt like I am a rusty car – never been oiled again and had been dumped at a near-by junk shop. But still, I am willing to pursue the training. Willingness is so abused. *laugh* so as the night before the first training day bites in, I tried to hide my nervousness by distracting myself.

Distraction No. 1.) The light at the ceiling of my room is pearly white. Not that I haven’t noticed it, it’s quite impossible for me not to notice such simple thing because it’s where I sleep, do my homework, dress-up and all. And I have been inside this room for umpteenth times already. But hello?! Come to think of it, does observing the light inside your room can distract you entirely? *sigh*

Finding it pointless and useless to observe and stare at the light inside my room, I proceeded to…

Distraction No. 2.) The continuous cat-and-dog chase of two lizards at the ceiling. It’s actually, kind of weird how observant I can be sometimes. *laugh* Well anyways…these lizards caught my eyeball’s interest. They have been chasing each other for almost what? An hour? A couple maybe? It’s really, really weird. It makes me wonder if they are thinking that the ceiling is a vast play-ground, because for me they seem to be playing. Or maybe, it is matting season for lizards all over the…house? *laugh* it would really sound crazy and over-acting if I said all over the world.

In fairness, that distracted me a bit. But after that, I have to proceed with the last distraction I made.

Distraction No. 3.) The best way not to think of anything – sleep. Lights off!

Actually, this article was made to share to you my CAT Training experiences, but! I did a double take, and decided to share to you how I spend most of my free time and for you to know how weird I am – sometimes – in distracting myself.
What do you think? 


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