First Sight

It was yet another day where all you have to do is the very same old routine you have done from the very first day of class. All was as normal as it is everyday, the last thing you would expect is someone who would topple down the hallways of the Querexeta Building.

The perfect imitation of the Buckingham Court Palace’s gate is the new feature of Claret for the new school year, yet it didn’t brought any feeling of welcoming. Gee! I wonder what’s its purpose? To impress the people around the school’s premises? Or just to…you know…find a way to spend the school’s development fund?


Yet, I keep on wondering why on earth I GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE FEATURES OF THE SCHOOL? Hellow? Claret now is like…the largest branch of MIRNA’S bakeshop – well, that was because of the color of the front building. Which reminds me…

Yes, there I was walking alone – maybe wandering is more appropriate – with my notes, books and all paper works at hand. It wasn’t a heavy load being enrolled on a school whose teaching mechanics has evolved over the last few years. Claret now has adopted the Dinamics Learning Program (DLP), which brought the school to the new era of teaching standards in Zamboanga Peninsula. wait…i may have hyperboled that.


Why oh why am I digressing this story???

Well, that’s because, I am looking for a proper distraction. I don’t want to give the people around the impression that I am social-climber-whose-on-the-edge-of-transforming-into-a-freak-show-baby.

There, walking towards my way is the guy who caught my eyeball’s interest. Tall, white, Asian looking, star player of the school’s basketball varsity team: Matthew Wee.

I know that lots of chiks are all hook-up onto him and that I am not on his list of to-know-girls-around-the-campus, but…like a vampire out of the sun, shinning like diamonds where embroidered into his body, he never ceases to mesmerize me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s actually our first sight. And like a fast spinning bullet, he hit me right here where this heart of mine beats faster than a drum.

Two seconds then it all began to fall out of the line.

Papers flying in all directions, books scattered and all student’s attention was diverted to this new girl around the campus.

The next seconds where the most magical moments of my life. Wee is running towards me, against the sea of people. The clock, definitely, stopped at that moment. It was the most unforgettable moments of my dire life.


6 thoughts on “First Sight

  1. OMK! hahaha

    nice , seph.
    makes me want to be more CHiSMOSA than ever. hahaha

    chene diya, na ABS-CBN ea se.

    — dhen. ❤

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